Ceramic Plunger Kit

Ceramic Plunger Kit

Piston Material: 99 porcelain and stainless steel combination.Installation and precautions: Since ceramic products are easy to be broken,... Details

Price 25 USD / Sets ( Negotiable )
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Qingdao Eastsong Technology Co.,ltd
Qingdao Eastsong Technology Co.,ltd
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Piston Material: 99 porcelain and stainless steel combination.

Installation and precautions: Since ceramic products are easy to be broken, special hexagonal wrench tools must be used during installation, so as to make multiple points on the outer circle of the column plug bear uniform force, so that the ceramics are not easy to be broken. The water quality must also be treated by a regular system to facilitate the service life of the plunger.

Ceramic plunger features:

1. The ceramic piston kit is made of high-performance technical ceramic materials, which have high hardness, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. Ensure reliable material performance.

2. The microporous structure obtained by the unique processing method on the ceramic plunger working face has a self-lubricating effect, which changes the poor sliding friction or jamming of the traditional plunger pump.

3. The inner cavity surface adopts fluid structure, and the ceramics have no dead corners and grooves. The internal cavity surface - plunger surface is processed to the mirror surface by using an advanced high-precision internal and external grinder, and the external surface is vibration polished for easy cleaning and disinfection.

4. The pump body structure is finely sealed with the product structure to facilitate disassembly.

5. The ceramic plunger kit has been tested for corrosion resistance, acid and alkalinity resistance, and its indicators have reached the level of similar products abroad.

The ceramic plungers are made of high-quality raw materials, cold isostatic pressing forming way, and are assembled with stainless steel metal parts after high-temperature sintering. As one of the main components of the plunger pump, the ceramic plunger is matched with the plunger sleeve. Ceramic Plunger is a shaft type with a regular shape, and accuracy dimension. Not only its shape and position accuracy are relatively high requested, especially its wear resistance and resistance to Corrosion are the most important properties. The performance of the metal plunger is much lower than that of the ceramic plunger. The ceramic plunger has high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, which guarantees a longer service life. It is widely used in various liquid pumps, metering pumps, high-pressure pumps, mud pumps, etc.

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Ceramic Plunger Kit

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