Ceramic Nozzle Water Jet Loom Parts

Ceramic Nozzle Water Jet Loom Parts

Ceramic nozzles for water jet looms.Size: 30x10, 45x20, 60x20, 75x40, 90x40, 90x60,          75x40 enlarged... Details

Price 50 USD / Sets ( Negotiable )
MOQ 10 Sets
Country of Origin China
Category: Textile Machinery / Weaving Machinery
Sample: Yes
Qingdao Eastsong Technology Co.,ltd
Qingdao Eastsong Technology Co.,ltd
Shandong, China
Established : 1998
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Ceramic nozzles for water jet looms.

Size: 30x10, 45x20, 60x20, 75x40, 90x40, 90x60,
          75x40 enlarged 6mm, 90x40 enlarged 6mm.

Each weft of the water jet loom is sprayed through a nozzle, the nozzle is an important part of a machine.

The precision ceramic nozzle developed by our company is characterized by a stable water line and long service life.

The ceramic nozzle is a high-precision product composed of ceramic parts and stainless steel parts. Each part of the nozzle is finished. The main part of the ceramic nozzle is called the spray body, and the middle part of the spray body is composed of a 45-degree slope with eight equal inlet orifices.

Loom machine uses high-pressure jet water to carry the weft yarn and fly through the layers (upper and lower) to finish the weaving process. When the pump generates a flow of high-pressure water, this water rushes to the nozzle which is designed with collective passage; this again adds pressure to the water; in the meantime, the weft yarn is inserted through the loom part ceramic nozzle, so together the high-pressure water will carry the weft yarn and start on its trip.

A good loom ceramic nozzle must present high jet water flow and not harm the weft, which otherwise will break the weft.

Qingdao Eastsong Technology Co.Ltd is a leading manufacturer of weaving looms and textile machinery spare parts,

Looms include Air jet loom, water jet loom, rapier loom, terry towel loom and jacquard loom.

Spare parts include: Ceramic nozzle, ceramic plunger kit, ceramic check valve, leno heald, heddles, drop pin, heald wire, heald frame, reed, cross beam, cloth roller, take-up roller, loom panel, reed guard, shaft, warp stop motion device, motor bracket, let off the gearbox, take-up gearbox, auxiliary spray electromagnetic valve seat and clip, waste selvage frame, weft frame stand, reed base and brace, selvage assembly, roller covering tape, warp beam, the electronic components, etc.

Packaging Info Plastic box and carton
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Information 10 days
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Ceramic Nozzle Water Jet Loom Parts

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