Single Yarn Strength Tester

Single Yarn Strength Tester

Capacity: 20 Kgf /50 KgfBrand: ITITraverse Speed: 300 & 100 mm /min.Safety Device: With Limit Switch to protect... Details

Price 1080 USD / Pieces
MOQ 1 Pieces
Country of Origin India
Category: Textile Machinery / Other Textile Machinery
Sample: No
Integrity Tech Instruments
Integrity Tech Instruments
Delhi, India
Established: 2018
Business Type
Manufacturers Suppliers
Product Description

Capacity: 20 Kgf /50 Kgf
Traverse Speed: 300 & 100 mm /min.
Safety Device: With Limit Switch to protect from Over Traverse

Power: 220 V AC 50 Hz.
Min. Grip Separation: 100mm
Max. Grip Separation: 500 mm
Load Cell: S Type
Least Count: 1gm
Drive: 0.5 H.P. Geared Motor

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Single Yarn Strength Tester

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