Campen Coating Line Supplier

Campen Coating Line Supplier

We Offer Second hand Campen Coating Line for carpet making.Description:Back and face brush beater unit17 roller accumulatorSwing frame... Details

Price 15400 USD / Sets
MOQ 1 Sets
Country of Origin Pakistan
Category: Textile Machinery / Other Textile Machinery
Sample: No
Amir & Co
Sind, Pakistan
Established: 1995
Business Type
Product Specification
Length 22.0 meters
Width 8.0 meters
Height 5.5 meters
Product Description

We Offer Second hand Campen Coating Line for carpet making.

Back and face brush beater unit
17 roller accumulator
Swing frame grinder
Advanced carpet applicator systems coating unit
Auto foam unit with feeder tank and stand
Backing feed stand with 1 tonne overhead crane, runways etc
10m long gas heated oven with horizontal return pin chain
2xEdge trimmers
13 roller accumulator
Wind up

Length:22.0 meters
Width:8.0 meters
Height:5.5 meters

Payment Terms SWIFT
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Campen Coating Line Supplier

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