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Based on the introduction of the European advanced technology of cellulose fiber by solvent process and the key equipment, after the integrated innovation and efforts of many years, Shandong Jinyingli New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(jinyingli) has subsitituted the traditional carbon disulfide chemical used in the viscose fiber production process with the physical production process of NMMO solvent method which is non-toxic and free of contamination. It’s identified as a big reform of the cellulose fiber production and firstly creates the all-natural green fiber- “Incell” with the advanced green production process. This achievement has filled the gap of the green textile material Lyocell fiber in our country.

The new cellulose fiber by solvent method (Lyocell) is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which uses the NMMO aqueous solution as the solvent to dissolve the cellulose and then spinning. The registered trademark of Shandong Jinyingli New Mateial Technology Co., Ltd is “Incell”.

The production process of Incell fiber is environment-friendly, Its raw materials is renewable and the waste is naturally degraded. It doesn’t do any hard to the environment and conforms to the environmental protection concept of the renewable utilization of global resources, which is regarded as the “Green Fiber” of the 21st century. And it’s also the biobased fiber material that is strongly supported by the National Biobased Material Innovation and Development Project and is given a top-priority development.

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