al-Gharbiyah, Egypt
20 1090989083

Altarek company for export and import Egypt
we manufacture a high quality products from flax that fits all customers needs
raw materials like :-
long fiber and short fiber
long fiber like ( scutched flax and Hackled flax )
short fiber like ( Machine tow and Rescutched tow )
short fiber used in paper making

flax sliver used in spinning
Linen yarn like :-

1- Flax twines
minimum ball weight 45gr and up to 500gr
we used a high quality material such as
long flax (LF) - machine tow (Mt) - rescutched tow (RT)
ranging from 0.20N.M up to 3 N.M

2- Flax spools
ranging from N.M 0.20 up to N.M 3
( with many sizes in natural color, polished or unpolished )
other products used in plumbing like :-
1- Flax dolls such as

_ jokia shape weight 50gr to 1000gr
_ 2 head shape weight 100gr to 250gr
_ 4 head shape weight 100gr to 250gr

2- flax sliver on spools such as
_flax spools in plastic dispenser 40gr
_flax spools in plastic dispenser 80gr
_flax spools (20-40-80)gr cardboard boxes

3- fiber sliver such as
_ Rescutched tow sliver
_ machine tow sliver
_ long flax sliver

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Company Name: Altarekexp
Business Type: Industry Manufacturers Suppliers
Phone: 20 1090989083
Zip Code: 31641
Register Address: Shobra meles, Zefta, Gharbia, Egypt
Main Product: Flax Fiber , Linen Fiber , Hackled Flax , Flax Dolls , Linen Yarn, Scutched Flax , Rescutched Tow , Machine Tow

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